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Making a strong mark in corporate events, exhibitions and various media platforms with our tailor made range of Photography Services and Branding & Packaging Work....

Who We Are?

Our business is all about beautiful photographs, beautiful products and beautiful people. We, Majesty Creations, since inception in 1997 have been at the forefront of the ever changing face of brand positioning, technology and fashion. As a fully integrated service provider and a renowned advertising and modelling firm, we adopt a unique and holistic approach to brand management and model management through our suite of Print Media Services, Photography Services, Advertising Photography Services, Fashion Photography Services & Portfolio Fashion Photography Services. We hire the right talent, including male models, female models and kid models with a high fashion sense. This helps us keep pace with our aim of forging long term relationships with partners and associates and attain our corporate goals through a diverse range of opportunities. We also give the right platform of exhibiting talent to new and existing models through our services. Over the years, we have successfully worked with more than 500 clients globally. With a diverse portfolio of services complemented by hardworking professionals we recruit at our agency, we are confident of addressing all your needs by giving personalized attention to each project and booking.